San Francisco Sons of the American Revolution

Founding Chapter of the SAR

SFSAR President Bothwell Reports from NSSAR Congress

Fellow SFSAR [Members]...,
Bob Ebert and I served as delegates to the SAR National Congress at Winston-Salem [NC]. 
The Mexico Society of SAR nominated Bob to be its Alternate Trustee on the NSSAR Foundation Board of Trustees, and Steve Renouf as Trustee.A few compatriots objected that their nominations were impermissible and that the Mexico Society should not be allowed to be represented on the Board of Trustees. One of those objecting demanded that the NSSAR parliamentarian or chancellor cite a provision of the NSSAR bylaws that allows dual SAR members (such as Bob and Steve, who are CASSAR members as well as Mexico Society SAR members) to serve on the Board of Trustees. I commented that the burden is on the objector to cite a contrary provision of the bylaws. The underlying question was called, and the SAR Congress elected all the Trustee nominees including Bob and Steve.
The ROTC/JROTC Committee requested a $3,000 line item for its program for next year. I spoke in support, arguing that it would be hard to think of a program more consistent with the mission of SAR. The Congress decided to refer the matter to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, which has responsibility for budget approval. Many compatriots spoke up and said they would personally don
ate $100 (one hundred dollars) each to the ROTC/JROTC Committee program.   
Despite vigorous argument over procedural matters, in which all had a chance to be heard, the Congress stayed on message, emphasizing collegiality and furtherance of the mission of SAR. The Congress was a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships and form new ones.
Larry Magerkurth [right] of California was elected SAR President-General by acclamation. Larry now wears the same ring that was worn by George Washington!