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Mike Moore
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This is from a DAR mailing. I thought it was excellent. I have never seen such a document issued by the SAR to its members. If we substituted SAR for DAR, it could well apply to us.

Hello Everyone!


With the presidential election around the corner, I wanted to send out this reminder of the NSDAR Policy regarding Politics and Lobbying. Please remind your chapter members to be sensitive to the fact that "Our membership includes women from all political parties, and women from all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds." If political discussions develop at a chapter meeting, please gently remind your members that it is inappropriate to voice political opinions at a DAR gathering.




NSDAR Policy regarding “Politics and Lobbying.” As we near the November political elections in our communities and on the national scene, it is important for all Daughters to review the NSDAR politics and lobbying policy. While DAR supports a strong national defense, it is not a political organization, nor does it lobby; it does not contribute to political parties or candi-dates in any way; it does not initiate legislation and does not have a legislative chairman. Our membership includes women from all political parties, and women from all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The DAR is interested in preserving and maintaining our constitutional republic, and it urges its members, as good American citizens, to be informed and vote.


Each member, chapter, and state society is cautioned to refrain from any activity performed in the name of the DAR that might be construed as political. Such activities are prohibited. Here are some examples of what to avoid:


~ Do not invite political candidates or persons running for public office (district attorneys, judges, county supervisors, etc.) to speak at your meetings.

~ If a member of your chapter is running for public office, please advise her that she may not campaign at meetings; she may not use the chapter membership list for campaigning purposes, including mailings, email. She must keep her campaign separate from her DAR activities.

~ Do not ask elected officials to speak on political/controversial topics at meetings. Respect the fact that members have different orientations and opinions, and that a speaker you support may not be supported by your chapter members.

~ Do not distribute political flyers at your meetings; do not organize chapter participation in support of any political candidate; do not contribute chapter funds to political campaigns – you can lose your tax exempt status; chapters should not sponsor receptions for political candidates.

~ Do not use the DAR mailing list or email list to send political messages, including disparaging stories and jokes about candidates.

~ Do not give media interviews in your capacity as a DAR member where you speak about political candi-dates or issues. Always remember that DAR is not political.

~ Do not write letters to the editor of your local newspaper as a “member of DAR.” This is considered as speaking on behalf of the DAR – only the President General may do that. Instead, write to the editor as “an individual;” speak your mind on any subject you wish, and sign your letter with your name only. Do not sign your name as “Suzy Smith, Regent, XYZ Chapter, DAR.


By using good judgment, doing a little research, and asking questions, members can make informed decisions that help protect the NSDAR‟s name, integrity, and non-profit status.


My SAR qualifying ancestor is Nehemiah Macashan, who along with others, signed petitions and otherwise lobbied for religious freedom from the Virginia Churches. This ultimately led to the First Amendment in  1786. Farmer Macashan also provided beef and pork to the Army during the war.

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Keith Schuerholz
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This makes a great deal of sense.

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